• Lightweight Backpacking Table

    Introducing the FLOATABLE lightweight backpacking table

Hike in style with the FLOATABLE lightweight backpacking table!

Video for Lightweight Table Setup and Instructions

Managing Cords (Avoiding Tangles)

Lightweight Table Features


"This little table has become my favorite "luxury item" for backpacking. There is a lot to love here. It weighs almost nothing, and slides easily into my pack. It sets up easily, with instructions printed on the table. No more crouching over or accidentally spilling my pot. No more dirt on my cook kit. Highly recommended"

K & R - Asheville, NC

My new favorite luxury item!

"My floating table has really made camp much more comfortable. I can now make a cup of coffee with without sitting in the dirt!"

Bill R. - Cody, WY

Light Gear Shop

Located among the Blue Ridge Mountains in Lexington, Virginia, Light Gear Shop is dedicated to designing and manufacturing ultralight backpacking tables for backpacking enthusiasts.

Conact us at info@lightgearshop.com